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Coauthor of Gift of Injury and 10/20/Life. The science behind recovering from Back Injury and Building Super Strength

SATURDAY JUNE 15, 2019. 10am-5pm

Complete Body Development

10 Hanover Square NY, NY 10005

COST: $350

REGISTER: Call 917-873-2711 or email:


Brian Carroll is a world-class powerlifter (multiple world champion) with over a decade of elite, world class lifting under his belt. Coming back from a devastating back injury in 2009 that broke multiple bones and compiled with years of destructive mistreatment to his body, most experts said he would never recover. Nonetheless, with the guidance of Dr. Stu McGill, Brian returned to the pinnacle of world-class lifting, while successfully becoming 100% pain and symptom-free. He is now dedicated to helping others avoid the same mistakes that he made through seminars, speaking engagements, courses and private and group coaching.

Optimized Process

In this hands-on and lecture event, Brian will be covering his work with Dr. Stu McGill and will pass on a lot of lifting tricks & hacks he’s been able to pull out of athletes from his 20 years in the gym and Dr. McGill’s 30+ years in the lab/clinic/training center. 

Brian will be covering Gift of Injury, his other book 10/20/Life,  lifting parameters (more specific to performance in ways than GOI) and form cues under the bar. We will squat, bench, deadlift, and more.

Gain knowledge on:
*the injury process common to strength athletes*
*the rules of recovery*
*strength hacks and correctives to enhance resilience and performance*
*proper progressions and regressions*
*assistance/supplemental work*
*nutrition and competition preparation*
*skill development in the lifts*

Flexible Utilization

  • 1.5 hours – Concepts for injury resilience and performance enhancement
  • 4 hours – Coaching strength technique
  • 1.5 hours – strength wisdom and competition preparation Q & A session
  • 1 hour lunch break at around 1pm
Optimized Process

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